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The Power-Save HID Light Manager controls any ballast-based, gaseous discharge lighting system. This includes Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, High and Low Pressure Sodium. Its flexible design allows The Power-Save HID Light Manager to interface with any dedicated lighting circuit of 480 volts in capacities of 10 to 100 amperes three phase. One unit can reduce the energy consumption of one, ten, 100 or even 400 lighting fixtures and the savings can be measured within 20 minutes after the lights turn on!

The Power-Save HID Light Manager works in conjunction with other energy savings devices such as high efficiency lamps, photoelectric switches, and other energy management systems. Down-line switching capability is also an available option. Additionally, running the lamps at a lower wattage will reduce the operating temperature, this prolonging the life of the lamps and the ballasts by up to 40%. The Power-Save HID Light Manager controls spikes, controls and regulates line voltage to induce savings and also prevents over-voltage situations, which are a major cause of premature lighting system failure.

We offer 4 sizes and custom sizes as well:

10kva or 12amps 3-phase 480 volt

15kva or 18amps 3-phase 480 volt

25kva or 30amps 3-phase 480 volt

50kva or 60amps 3-phase 480 volt


• Most Importantly, immediate reduction of electricity costs
• Automatic By-pass built in
• Existing ballast, fixtures or lamps do not require replacement
• Power-Save HID Light Manager is compact requiring limited space
• Installation is quick, easy and requires minimal adoption to existing equipment
• Environmentally friendly, reduced consumption of electricity equals reduced greenhouse gases generated
• Cost effective solution
• Investment return in approximately 12 to 30 months
• Reduce real demand and penalty charges
• Peak load incentives (contact your local utility for details and availability)
• Power-Save HID Light Manager unit has a display inside the controller casing
• LED display for time (am/pm), date month, hour, energy saving levels and up to 16 stage display for logic controller


Power-Save HID Light Manager can be used in the following applications:

Street lighting, highways, bridges, tunnels, parking areas, indoor and outdoor garages,
industrial buildings, plants, warehouses, factories, large showrooms, hospitals, care facilities, correctional facilities, museums, shopping malls, large retail stores, casinos, gas stations, schools, university, colleges, educational facilities, government buildings, condominiums, rental properties, high-rise buildings, sport facilities, ice rinks, soccer fields, baseball diamonds and all indoor sporting facilities (pools, tennis, fitness club etc.).